Saturday Skunks (ages 7-12)

Saturday Skunks

Afternoons 12 to 4pm.

Fun and Adventure for the daring and courageous.

Our Saturday program has a scent of it’s own!  Being the weekend, we turn the volume up on fun.  Skunks is about singing silly songs, being at the fire with buds, and getting out on the land for adventures.  

The Saturday session is a great option for young people who are not willing or able to take time out of school hours.  It is a half day afternoon session, allowing for a sleep in, or visit to the market before heading into the woods.

Skunks don’t take themselves too seriously, and this session is a great way to develop skills, make friends, and get on the adventure trail.

Like all GOS programs, Skunks is about invisible learning, nature immersion, and mentorship. Professional facilitators work together to identify areas for growth and development for the individual and group.  Our model seeks to foster the character attributes of resilient, capable, and service minded people.  We look for, and seek to promote: Quiet Mind, Common Sense, Aliveness and Agility, Inquisitive Focus, Caring and Tending, Service to Community, Awe and Reverence, and Self-Sufficiency. 

Skunks features hands-on experiences: ancient fire making, mapping, plant identification, storytelling, archery, shelter building, and tracking animals.  It is balanced with the so-called ‘soft skills’ of careful listening and using best words, of co-operation and peacemaking, thanksgiving and sharing the story of the day.   

This weekly afternoon experience is always dynamic, emergent, multi-sensory, and exciting.

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