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Sep 2019 - Aug 2020

a  year-long exploration of nature connection and skill building through sensory awareness, storytelling and play. Moon School is a time to play and learn in the woods with other adults, intended to inspire reverence for the natural world, cultural transformation, and right relationship with each other and the land.

Each session, there will be a welcome circle, singing, and nature connection games, as well as focused learning around plant and tree identification, medicine making, tracking, fire making, and some inner tracking through storytelling, deep listening, discussion, and journaling. Sessions are crafted to reflect seasonal species and activities.

As Moon school runs throughout all the seasons of the year, the timing of each session will vary to ensure there is some time spent both in the daylight as well as after dark. Start times will be somewhere between 3-4pm and run for 4 hours depending on the time of year.


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Fees & Dates @ a Glance

The fee for the full lunar year of 13 sessions is $531+hst ($40.85 per session).

Registration after the first session is pro-rated at $45+hst per session for the remainder of the lunar year.

Participants may also drop in as they are able for a fee of $55+hst

We encourage folks to sign up for the full year and experience each season with us. Fees cover rent of the space, firewood for colder months, and medicine-making materials.

There are limited bursaries available. If cost is a barrier, please get in touch here

Moon School appears through the clouds thirteen times, and you can join at any point:

1. Sep 15, 2019 4-8pm
2. Oct 13, 2019 4-8pm
3. Nov 10, 2019 3-7pm
4. Dec 15, 2019 3-7pm
5. Jan 12, 2020 3-7pm
6. Feb 9, 2020 3-7pm
7. March 8, 2020 4-8pm
8. April 5, 2020 4-8pm
9. May 10, 2020 4-8pm
10. June 7, 2020 4-8pm
11. July 5, 2020 4-8pm
12. Aug 2, 2020 4-8pm
13. Aug 30, 2020 4-8pm