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Quick Notes:

Spring Registration is Open!

Summer Sessions are filling!  Sign Up Here!

Next PD Session is April 27

This is a great time to Book A Field Trip for your class.

The beavers downriver survived the flood and are busy repairing. 

Nature Smart Guelph: April 18th 7-9pm

An Urgent Call To Get Our Kids Nature Connected + A Celebration of Guelph Outdoor School's Transition to Non-Profit. 

Author Jon Young & Pediatric OCT Kathleen Lockyer share the stage on leveraging nature connection for big results in individual well being and community health.

Click Here for tickets to Wednesday's event and Join the conversation! 

Outdoor Immersion Programs for Kids

Register at any time.  Fees are competitive and automatically pro-rated.

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Why Outdoor School?

Guelph Outdoor School provides a a dynamic, full nature immersion learning environment and responsive mentorship for powerful results in all areas of development: physical, emotional, cognitive, social, academic. 

Our programs are an effective, fun, and non-clinical approach for overall health and well-being, growth and learning.