Goslings (ages 4-7)


Goslings is about growing nature connected kids from a young age.  This means kids who are calmer, more aware, & compassionate, This is about laying the groundwork for a person who is resilient and comfortable in the natural world, and in their own skin, for life.

What you and your child can expect

A thrilling, nurturing, and magical atmosphere in a wild, riverside cedar forest.  Responsible, nurturing adults supporting small groups limited in size to 14 kids. 

As with all GOS programs, Goslings sessions are filled with exploring and tracking, mapping, self-sufficiency skills and nature craft.  In recognition of this younger age, Goslings instructors emphasize the sense of wonder and mystery in the natural world through exploration, free-play, and lots of songs and story.

We maintain excellent ratios of approximately 4 kids per adult instructor, often with volunteer support.   Check out links at your right for a session that works for your family + registration info and further details. 

To ensure a spot throughout the year, consider registering for all three trimesters now.

See you out there :)

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2019 Fall Trimester


Preparing the soil

for a lifetime of finding peace, strength, and balance in the natural world.

The stories are always so funny.
— Jack, 5 yrs old