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Guelph Outdoor School is a non-profit organization dedicated to nature connected, kids, families and communities. We provide a relevant, meaningful, and effective education option as complement and alternative to the classroom format.

Our outdoor immersion and mentorship programs are a fun, non-clinical, and preventative avenue to overall health and well being. Increased time in the natural world has a demonstrably positive effect on all the metrics: emotional regulation, physiological development, cognitive function and academic success. Beyond the metrics is a soulful classroom which allows and encourages young people to exercise their fuller capacity. Our curriculum is found in the child passions of running, sneaking, hiding, building, experimenting, naming. It is a place to develop our capacities for the classic human skills of listening, common sense, moving our bodies, of curiosity and focus. Of caring and tending, of serving community, of stewardship. A place to rest and integrate what we’ve learned and experienced elsewhere. A time for timelessness. A chance to be at the fire, and stare into the coals. To sit happilty beyond the measure of others and be simply ourselves. A place which at once reclaims childhood, and prepares for adulthood.