Wolves (ages 10-12)

Wolves: Wednesdays 9am to 4pm

Wolves is about pushing edges, taking risks, striking a balance between self-sufficiency & co-operative work. It is timeless, challenging, and fun.

Like all GOS programs, Wolves supports young people in becoming themselves, and ensuring that each individual becomes increasingly capable, compassionate, & service minded. Through games that teach & nature based challenges, our model promotes the attributes of connected kids: Quiet Mind, Common Sense, Aliveness and Agility, Inquisitive Focus, Caring and Tending, Service to Community, Awe and Reverence, and Self-Sufficiency. 

The learning experience is dynamic, emergent, multi-sensory, and exciting.

What you and your family can can expect

A welcoming environment for all.  Wolves turns up the volume on mentorship and increases focus on individual growth.  We practice friction fire skills, tracking, mapping, talking circle and listening skills, story telling, thrilling games, cordage, flint-knapping, cordage, and other nature craft.  Knife sharpening, wood stacking, plant ID, stewardship projects, and timeless wandering.  Parents often report kids who are happier, more at peace and emotionally balanced, full of stories, and have greater self-generated interest in projects and chores.  To name a few.



Wolves is now full for the spring session.

Registration for the fall session will be posted in August.

I enjoy that he is surrounded by positive male mentors.
— parent
I can actually focus at work while he’s at outdoor school as I know he’s in good hands, is learning and having fun!
— parent
this is an essential part education, so often missed
— parent