Coyote Series



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This course for adults introduces the tools and process of the 8 Shields Model for Nature Based Mentorship as practiced at The Guelph Outdoor School. Participants engage monthly video, reading, and journalling home-study resources and then meet at the GOS on a monthly basis to unpack the learning together, and experience the content first hand. This unique, effective, and timely course is an excellent option for parents, educators, social works, occupational therapists, anyone with young people in their lives, and anyone who knows that the nature connection journey is central to community and individual health.


Content: 9 Monthly Sessions: generally the 4th Sunday of every month and run from 1pm to 4pm. The first is an Introductory & Welcome Session for distributing materials, outlining the course content & agreements. Each of the following 8 monthly sessions focus on one direction of the 8 shields mentoring model. Resources used include "The 8 Gifts of Nature" Video & Journalling Home Study Course, + The Coyote's Guide to Connecting with Nature - our beloved outdoor school manual.

This course is not academic in nature and requires participants to push their edges in a number of ways. Home study includes personal and group projects and challenges (avg. 4 - 10 hrs / month), and our monthly sessions include nature-immersion challenges, games, and engaging the material around the fire.

Be prepared to abide by these basic agreements: • Commit to the Home-study work & resources • Show up to monthly sessions • Make room for all voices in group discussions.

While this course has a fee, this covers materials provided and not staff wages. This course reflects our commitment to supporting a rich fabric of mentorship and nature connection in our community.