Lynx (ages 10-16)


Saturdays, 12 - 4pm

Lynx is connection to self, the land, and other girls and young women - a full nature immersion & direct mentorship in the wild parts of Guelph.   Self-identified girls and young women engage, and benefit from, the core routines of nature connection: tracking, mapping, nature-craft and self-sufficiency skills, thrilling games that teach, and co-operative nature based challenges.  Contact Us for a Free Trial option.

What your child can expect

a supportive and safe community which engages in age-appropriate questioning and circle discussions on what it means to be a girl
full nature immersion along the Eramosa river through all weather and seasons, developing invaluable knowledge of place
sharing song and story: inviting guest elders and mentors to share positive stories of women
self sufficiency skills & core routines of nature connection: sit spot, mapping, sensory games & nature based challenges, timeless wandering, ancient fire making, animal tracking, edible and medicinal plant id

- Sarah Delroy, Lead Instructor, Lynx

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Registration is welcome at any time, fees are automatically pro-rated.

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