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Full-immersion experiential learning

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Connection to local landscape

Fresh games & challenges to bring back to school and family

Team building for positive classroom culture

Lots of stories.

Thrilling, Wholesome, Joyous, & Unforgettable.

Setting It Up: Fees & Options

The Outdoor Classroom. 10 + acres of wooded wild space along the Eramosa.

The Outdoor Classroom. 10 + acres of wooded wild space along the Eramosa.

GOS fee structure reflects a living wage for our experienced and professional staff and great ratios.  We require a ratio of 15:1, students to instructor, to create field trip events that are effective, safe, and meaningful for kids, teachers, and our instructors.  All field trip events require a minimum of 2 instructors.

We are committed to offering our services to any and all schools, families, and organization who see value in what we do.  As such, if our costs are prohibitive to your group, please get in touch about sliding scale and funding options. 

Fee Structure

1 to 30 students, 2 GOS staff.  $550

31 to 45 students, 3 GOS staff. $750

46 to 60 students.  4 GOS staff. $950

I have been on a ton of great field trips over the years, but I have to say, today’s trip probably tops them all! Amazing staff, programming, student attitude and engagement , plus the weather combined to make the entire day pretty perfect in my eyes from beginning to end! Thanks for the experience and please pass along my gratitude (again) to your team.
— Cathy Dykstra, Kortright Hills PS

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