The Outdoor Toolbox | A 3 Week In-Class Series

The Toolbox in a nutshell: A visiting GOS instructor works directly with a classroom teacher and their class - one day a week for a 100 minute block, for three weeks.

Part Guest Instructor, Part Consultant the GOS instructor provides a framework, tools, fresh games and challenges to support classroom teachers in designing fun and effective classroom experiences out of doors, all year long.

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Content For Kids Includes:

• Fresh and Thrilling Games to activate bodies and minds & lay the groundwork for inspired learning.

Nature-based challenges to promote curiosity & inquisitive focus as well as co-operative teamwork and positive classroom culture.

• Story Telling, Mapping, & Place-based learning to support students in understanding their bio-region and cultivate a sense of stewardship & responsibility.

Content, Coaching & Team Teaching Includes

• The Nature of Curriculum Links: easily create and facilitate powerful curriculum links - between outdoor time and class projects, and ALL curriculum areas.

Effective Learning Tools for the Outdoor Classroom: Art of Questioning, Minds Eye Imagining, and Sensory Awareness exercises make for rich follow-up options in days and months to come.

A unique opportunity for dialogue + Q&A on nature immersed learning now and in the future.

The Outdoor Toolbox 3 Day Series is an investment of $990 + HST

Guelph Outdoor School is committed to paying a living wage to our dedicated and professional educators. While this professional fee reflects some of the best value we can offer, we also know that some schools can use additional support in accessing our programs. As such, please get in touch about our sliding scale options. We appreciate your collaboration and support.

I just want to send you a note to thank you for the opportunity of having Chris Green into our school. The 3 sessions for outdoor education was invaluable ! He took us to our neighbourhood park as well as opening our eyes to green space on our own property that I would have never thought of using before. He was kind, engaging and very resourceful.
This is an amazing program and all of my students loved it !!
Thank you so much !!
— Crystal Hostein, Grade 4 / 5 Teacher John Galt

Sensory Awareness Grames @

Jean Little PS

Sensory Integration = emotional regulation

physiological development & integration is foundational to higher cognitive & executive,& academic success.