The Outdoor Toolbox | A 3 Week In-Class Series

The Toolbox in a nutshell: A visiting GOS instructor works directly with a classroom teacher and their class - one day a week for a 100 minute block, for three weeks.

Part Guest Instructor, Part Consultant the GOS instructor provides a framework, tools, fresh games and challenges to support classroom teachers in designing fun and effective classroom experiences out of doors, all year long.


Content Includes:

• Fresh and Thrilling Games to activate bodies and minds & lay the groundwork for inspired learning.

Nature-based challenges to promote curiosity & inquisitive focus as well as co-operative teamwork and positive classroom culture.

• Recognizing Key Curriculum Links to bridge the gap between outdoor time and class projects.

• Story Telling, Mapping, & Place-based learning to support students in understanding their bio-region and cultivate a sense of stewardship & responsibility.

Effective Learning Tools for the Outdoor Classroom: Art of Questioning, Minds Eye Imagining, and Sensory Awareness exercises make for rich follow-up options in days and months to come.

A unique opportunity for dialogue + Q&A on nature immersed learning now and in the future.