Testimonials are from a 2017 survey and feedback e-mails from caregivers and organizations.

Adventure, learning about plants and animals - his eyes are always alive and vibrant when we come to pick him up. He loves it.


Fresh air. Adult mentorship. Strong support for wild interactions. Learning about plants. Getting feet wet in the river. Playing games outdoors. Yelling. Climbing. Peeing in the woods. Making tea. Lighting fires. Carving. Reverence for the ideas of others in a sharing circle.

He likes the measure of autonomy he gets,- to choose what he wants to participate in and how. He likes being allowed to explore nature, climb trees, swim in the river, being trusted with knives and fire. He especially likes learning about and collecting edible plants. I think he also likes having adults who really listen to him and his ideas. He has always looked forward to going to GOS, which is such welcome difference from the anxiety and dread that he used to feel about most other things.



She loves being outside in nature. She says that's where she is happiest. That's what I see. It is her favourite activity of the week. When I bring her there, she is keen and excited to go, when I pick her up, she is happy, energized, balanced.



He says, ‘just being there’.

Our family's connection with nature was deepened because of Kaleb's time at G.O.S., and we continue to enjoy and grow together during our own time in nature. Kaleb is proud to share his knowledge and skills, tracking, animals, survival skills (building a fire), etc... and he is able to articulate his own perspective that reflects his relationship with nature that continues to grow and broaden with his continued experiences with G.O.S. Kaleb enjoys all of the mentors and peers at G.O.S. and he feel a deep connection and sense of well being because of the special relationships that are nurtured by the mentors. I firmly believe that Kaleb's ability to manage in many areas of his life, for example, his academic school week, are directly linked to his time at GOS - it feeds the whole child, and the child's whole family. G.O.S. is community.



my girl loves the mystery.  she loves to speculate on the clues, track, and sign that fill her days.  she tells me about the porcupines up in the hemlock trees, and wonders when they come down.  she tells me about 2 sets of deer tracks, a mama & a baby, and wonders when they came through.  her mind is alive with the mystery of it,  i am proud of this side of her.  I see that she is recognizing patterns and thinking critically, and that she feels deeply for the lives of wild animals and their home.