Arlene Slocombe

Arlene dedicates herself to understanding what it is to be a caretaker. To walk with a light footprint, tending as we go, is a calling inspired by a life of rich nature connection. As a mother or two young girls, Arlene is reminded daily of the importance in guiding and mentoring the natural curiosity and deep sense of empathy already existing in children. Recently Arlene took the Earth Tracks Plant Apprenticeship Course, and it instilled a desire to pass these teachings along to young people.

Arlene has been a student of the 8 Shields model now for five years, studying literature and participating in workshops whenever possible. Bringing in simple wild-crafting, folk herbal remedies, plant fibre crafts and bird language, Arlene hopes to share in the sense of AWE that we can all experience when we stop, listen, tend, and sit in gratitude of this majestic world.