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Sarah Delroy

Sarah has always been tumbling and trotting through the woods. During childhood summers in Nova Scotia her grandmother taught her where to find mushrooms and how to talk with loons. A good portion of high school was spent befriending several generations of a flock of chickadees and trying to sneak up on deer in the Ottawa Greenbelt. 

In 2008 Sarah went deeper into nature studies and lived at the Tracker school for six months. During this time, she cooked her food on a fire, slept on grass mats and gathered her water from a nearby spring, and  studyied wilderness survival skills. While there, she also met Eddie Starnater and Julie Martin, and completed a stone tools apprenticeship at their school - Practical Primitive. Sarah returned to Practical Primitive in 2013 for a second apprenticeship to study native plants and tracking skills.

Sarah is called to find daily connection with the natural world and to share this connection wherever she can. She is especially drawn to rites of passage such as the Vision Quest and working with girls and women in particular. Sarah has worked at the P.I.N.E. Project, presented at Headwaters, was part of the children’s staff at Art of Mentoring, and feels blessed to have landed in a role at The Guelph Outdoor School.