Notes on Weekly Programs

Invisible School:

weekly programs @ the outdoor classroom

GOS features weekday sessions for ages 0 - 16.  We do operate during school hours, as an effective complement and alternative to the conventional classroom format.  Weekly Outdoor Immersion is a fast track towards:

cognitive development | developing focus, pattern recognition, quiet mind, spacial awareness,

healthy social & interpersonal skills | talking & listening circles, co-operative tasks, story telling and role modelling.

physical development | a full course of sensory awareness and movement games as well as challenges out on the land supports growth in all areas: equilibrium & proprioception, depth perception, fine and gross motor skills, the visual system, and a kind of hardiness as well :)

Well-Being | lowered anxiety, greater self-esteem and self-reliance.  A nature connected kid knows in their heart, that they belong.  Song and Story help young people make sense of their surroundings and the events in their lives.  Responsive mentorship focuses on gifts & areas for growth in each child.

Making it Work

It is a bold move to enroll your child in our programs:

GOS in not conventional. 

There can be worries about a child "falling behind" in class, or explaining your choice to teachers, principles, or administrators. 

Our programs require transportation that can conflict with work hours, there is a financial cost.

If you know that your child will benefit from our programs and have obstacles (social, financial, scheduling, geographic), please get in touch with us!  We've got some experience helping parents make it work: coaching parents on articulating why this is important, scholarships & sliding scale options, carpooling, etc.)

Drop us a line :)