Hawks (ages 13+)


Wednesdays 9am to 4pm

GOS Hawks exists as a way to tap into the brilliance of teens. Their minds are fresh and hungry for information, their bodies getting stronger and faster, it is a time of quickening and of inspiration. Of discerning values. The days of the teen years are ones of orientation.

What you can can expect

As always with GOS programs, the heart and soul of GOS Hawks is skills development and personal growth through nature-based mentorship. As an extension of our Foxes and Wolves program for kids, the teen program focuses on the same core routines but at a higher level of mastery and sustained focus.  Further, in recognition of their adolescent stage, mentors work closely with youth to engage in the topics which youth must reckon with, including: new responsibilities, grief & loss, environmental stewardship, gender issues, risk-taking, individual sense of purpose and calling, individual and community health, service to others, and initiation into adulthood.

2017 North America tends to exert a variety of value systems, opportunities, and pressures on our young people, and Hawks exists to provide young people at the teen stage with a context for vital reflection and self-discovery.

The Hawks program now runs alongside the Wolves program.  In this way, the 2 groups can mutually benefit in a more dynamic format. The Hawks have the benefit of working a broader staff team, and are given opportunities to put mentorship tools into practice. The Wolves in turn, of the benefit of working periodically with youth slightly older than themselves. Opening and closing circles will be shared, and the Hawks will also have their own space to tackle skills, travel further afield, and engage discussions for their age level.


Registration is welcome at any time, fees are automatically pro-rated

a vital opportunity to process and integrate all the learning that happens in this life-stage. to be present to the emerging self, personal gift and vision.
— CG