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Matthew Greenberg

I was lucky enough to have grown up running wild on the shores of Lake Huron and banks of the lovely Speed River. I enjoy exploring, eating wild things, experiencing the change of seasons and using my hands! Introduced to the Guelph Outdoor School during a Co-op position, it was love at first site/smell/conversation! I was welcomed into the GOS community and have left as little as possible sense then! This summer I attended the Art of Mentoring (Ring One) and got my first bow drill coal with a bunch of wonderful young people. Heavily into questioning, timelessness and agriculture. 

Matthew was the second Guelph Outdoor School high school co-op student.  His eye for detail and taking good care of a camp space caught our attention right away.  Actually helpful!  Who knew?  His gentle demeanor and dedication to bush craft, self-sufficiency, and community building is inspiring, and we always hire as much Greenberg as we can :)