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Jeremy Allen

Facilitator & Resident Fungus Enthusiast, Currently Infiltrating The Public School System.

Since childhood, Jeremy has divided his time between southern Ontario and the Madawaska Valley. Raised by parents who knew it was important, Jeremy was immersed in wild spaces from the start.  Jeremy earned a  Bachelor of Arts (English) from the University of Guelph, and earned a Bachelor of Education (Primary/Junior). Over the past decade, Jeremy has worked as a camp counselor and outdoor educator, and has developed a strong affinity for teaching in the most dynamic of classrooms: the outdoors. He believes that we are all at our best when we welcome nature into our daily lives.

Jeremy's passions include, but are not limited to: fungi, firekeeping, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, snowshoeing, tracking, bushcraft, wild edibles, photography, climbing, writing, reading, and learning as much as possible about all things natural. He describes the Guelph Outdoor School as the place where he can do his three favourite things - climb trees, eat wild food, and walk barefoot - all at the same time!