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Coyote Parenting: A framework for Parenting Nature Smart Kids


A fresh, inspiring, and very usable framework for parents who value time spent outdoors as an essential part of childhood .

Coyote Parenting is 6 hour introductory deep dive into laying a foundation for raising nature smart kids.  How we as parents can support our children in developing a deep and abiding connection to the earth.  This is a survey of tools & strategies for leveraging time spent in nature for a lifetime of resilience, stability, joy, and belonging for our kids.

Workshop Content Includes:

Role Modeling: How we as parents can refine our habits, and get nature connected ourselves, to wordlessly encourage our kids' own rich experiences in the out of doors.

The Art of Questioning: a handy little trick of the trade: the art and science of priming your kids' for curiosity, focus, and big learning in their own adventures.

The Nature Smart Kid: what are the attributes of a nature connected child, what to watch for, and how to nurture it.

The Sit Spot & Backyard Birds: finding meaningful connection with the natural world and cycles right from home.

Leveraging Family & Community: conspiring with grandparents, elders, aunties & uncles, & adult friends to support your kids in

Marking Transitions: Using experience in the natural world to mark and celebrate our kids' changes and growth.

Resources: a review of what is available to keep your work as a nature connected parent fresh & exciting.

Q&A: a chance to share on perspectives on timely themes including: risky play, the classroom, screen time, mentorship, and community building.