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Fire By Friction Spring 2019 | Adult Workshop

Fire By Friction is a four hour romp for beginners into the world of fire starting without matches or lighters.

Not just for the movies, starting a fire by "rubbing 2 sticks together" is possible, and powerful.  A great opportunity to share your fire failures and successes as part of a group, this session includes:

• A survey of fire starting tools & materials: bow-drill, hand-drill, flint & steel.

• Scanning the landscape to harvest the best tinder & tools.

• Making your own bow-drill kit

• Support through demonstration, coaching, and troubleshooting to help you get your first coal.

•  Tinder harvesting & fire-making ethics, etiquette, and considerations.

•  Good, hot, coffee and tea :)


GOS Instructor Chris Green brings 7 years of experience working with kids in starting and tending fire. What is unique about this session is that we’ll be spending some time talking about fire as a window into nature connection and mentorship. As we work through the mechanics of friction fires, we’ll discuss how fire is a natural “child’s passion” and a window into a broader world: the young person who is curious about fire can be brought into the world of plant id, trees, ethical harvesting, knowledge of landscape (and the best tinder), etc.