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Wilderness Survival Essentials w/ Chris Gilmour

Do you enjoy spending time in the outdoors?

How confident would you be if something went wrong and you had to spend a night or longer with limited gear?

Whether you’re lost in the woods, something unexpected happens on a day hike or multi-day canoe trip, you find yourself in a natural disaster situation, or you want to have some fun and learn new outdoor skills, knowing the principals and foundational skills of wilderness survival are part of how humans have survived throughout time and could save your life.


Chris has 18-years experience working, teaching, and guiding others in the wilderness.

Chris has 18-years experience working, teaching, and guiding others in the wilderness.

Wilderness Survival Essentials is a hybrid between modern survival techniques with basic gear and traditional survival using only a knife and what you can find in nature.

The course is being led by back country wilderness guide, survival & emergency preparedness instructor Chris Gilmour from Changing World.

This is Chris’s 3rd workshop with GOS. What sets his approach apart is, that he is at once hugely passionate, experienced, and knowledgeable with the content - and he is approachable, humble and fun in his approach. Instead of the conventional human vs. nature survivalist angle, Chris’s approach is centered on awareness, community building, and right mindset. We’re stoked to have him back.

This 2 Day Workshop Covers:

• Survival Mindset & Natural Awareness: Why do some people thrive and others come close to death under the exact same circumstances? Cultivate a survival mindset and learn how to create a survival strategy for your unique situation. 

• Shelter:  Quick survival shelters for all weather conditions and seasons. This will include an introduction to essential knots and tarp work as well as natural shelters. 

• Water:  How to find and purify water including creating improvised waterproof baskets and containers.

• Fire: Be confident you can start a fire in any weather conditions with modern survival tools as well as an introduction to lighting fire by friction starting with only a knife (bow & hand-drill). 

• Food: Learn some of the most ancient, simple, yet highly effective methods for harvesting wild animals for fat and protein as well as basic survival fishing.

Note: No animals will actually be harvested during the workshop. 

• Navigation: An introduction to navigation if you find yourself lost. This will include map and compass reading as well as aidless navigation techniques using nature as your guide. 

• Tools: Develop your confidence with and learn to improvise the creation of basic yet important tools needed to make life more efficient and comfortable in the woods. 

If you are note convinced yet,

please consider that participation in, and fees for this program, directly support essential GOS nature immersion and mentorship programs for kids.

Guelph Outdoor School is a non-profit organization dedicated to making nature connection and access to wild spaces available to all kids, regardless of circumstance. Thanks, and hope to see you out there.

Handy - dandy Mora Light My Fire knives are available for purchase, and are optional at registration.

Improvised with a knife and what’s available

Improvised with a knife and what’s available

Geek out on the basic principles of shelter making

Geek out on the basic principles of shelter making

Fire by Friction basics. So good.

Fire by Friction basics. So good.

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