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FireTender PD

Competence, confidence, and comfort with fire.  A window into self-sufficiency and care of others.

A Classic PD that never gets old.  

Song and Story set the tone for our time around the fire, agreements on conduct, etiquette and safety.  

Young people engage an ancient skill, at their pace, in their way, individually and in groups.  Demonstrations, coaching, and mentorship  aquatints kids with the basics of flint & steel and fire-by-friction.   Mapping and expeditions help us gather up the best tinder on the local landscape, and gets fire kits filled.  

Classic GOS sneaking game ‘Fire-Keeper’ calls our attention to our ancestors and that we come from a long lineage of fire tenders.  The culture is one that promotes competence, confidence, and comfort with fire and self-sufficiency generally. 

Depending on need, participants may engage a series of challenges and skills based sessions, or may choose to spend the day tending their own small fire.

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