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Women's Fire Making Workshop

  • 733 Stone Rd. East Guelph, ON, N1H 4J2 Canada (map)

Fire making is a skill that goes back to all our oldest ancestors. If fire making were truly as difficult as some first efforts can be, none of our ancestors would have made it and none of us would be here! For those who have tried fire making classes before, it can be a challenging experience. Having the right mentor and learning environment is key.

Making fire from ‘primitive’ methods such as bowdrill is an incredible rite of passage. Not only is it a helpful skill in the case of a survival situation, it also brings a deep sense of nature connection, self-sufficiency and lineage to our common ancestors. 

Why a workshop for women? Sarah Delroy & Carolyn Ross have taken several classes on fire making from very large men who didn’t understand that their body sizes required a different size of tool and more effective technique. Luckily, Sarah found excellent mentors who did understand and within minutes got her first fire after years of frustration. It has been her commitment ever since to share how easy fire making can with any woman who would like to learn. Additionally, learning with a group of women can foster and ignite the dynamic and different strengths women possess.

Sarah and Carolyn will share hands-on experience, tips and tools on how to successfully create a fire by bow drill. The course will include:

  • how to make and build a fire structure in all weather and seasons 
  • how to start a fire with flint and steel
  • bowdrill form that will help the process go easier
  • how/where to gather and create your own bow drill kit
  • how to successfully make a tinder bundle including how to make char cloth
  • knife safety, simple sharpening and carving techniques
  • ways to troubleshoot when things aren’t working

You’ll leave with two parts of your self-made bow drill kit.

The course runs from 10am-4pm

Join the linage of fire makers going back to the oldest stories. The incredible sense of connection to nature and self-sufficiency is like nothing else.

Contact Sarah Delroy at with any questions about the workshop.

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