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Women's Fire By Friction

Knowing how to make fire is an empowering and fun skill to acquire. Back in all our lineages, there were master fire tenders, who could skillfully create and use fire for many purposes. The process of learning how to make fire from methods such as flint and steel and bowdrill is an incredible way to connect with the lineage of fire makers and with the land. It can also be a helpful skill to have in a survival situation, or when camping with the family.

We know that the process of learning fire can be intimidating and challenging, so, in this workshop, we strive to create a supportive, woman identified atmosphere with mentors who are available to build confidence by meeting you at your edge

In this workshop we will dive into:

  • how to make and build a fire structure in all weather 

  • how to start a fire with flint and steel 

  • how to successfully make a tinder bundle, including how to make char cloth 

  • how to start a fire with bowdrill, with plenty of time for practice 

  • simple sharpening and carving techniques 

  • ways to troubleshoot when things aren’t working 

You’ll leave with two parts of your self-made bow drill kit.

Stoke up your fire skills • Connect with like minded community members • Support Essential Guelph Outdoor School Programs & Scholarships!

See you out there.


This workshop is led by GOS instructors and accomplished fire tenders, Carolyn Ross & Tamara Anderson. 

Later Event: October 19
Hawkshop | Waldorf PD