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Adrian Iacovino

Adrian grew up cycling through the willow banked ravines of Agincourt in Scarborough. He spent summers at his grand parents’ land in the Eastern Townships of QC, picking berries, mushroom hunting, and swimming in ponds.  With 10+ years of working with children and youth in camp settings, Adrian has been involved in nature connection communities since 2013.

Standing for inclusivity & self-worth, poetry & redefinition, empowering others to be themselves, and the connective powers of place-identity - Adrian brings a layered approach to his mentorship style.

Adrian is passionate about friction fire, song, wood carving, tree ID, and has a growing interest in tracking, and tanning hides. He is a wordsmith fascinated and inspired by language.  Adrian is fond of Porcupine, Mullen, Ash, and Kingfishers.