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A Note On Nature Immersion Programs at GOS.

A child’s right to find their place in the wild is a birthright. In the wild, the child comes face to face with the way of things, finds understanding, wonder, and belonging. For this reason and so many more, GOS is a stand for kids, and is committed to ensuring access to our programs regardless of financial means. This is for all kids.

Weekly Outdoor Immersion and Mentorship Programs for Kids

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Why Outdoor School?

Guelph Outdoor School provides a dynamic, full nature immersion learning environment and active mentorship for powerful results in all areas of development: physical, emotional, cognitive, social, academic. 

Our programs are an effective, fun, and non-clinical approach for overall health and well-being, growth and learning.

Foundations of Guelph Outdoor School Programs

Meet Our Staff of Community Leaders, Mentors, & Role Models

Some Words from other parents and kids.